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Background -> It is perfect when the beginning is strong, but when it is coupled with deep history, it gives rise to uniqueness and distination.The genesis of our commercial origin was based inside an atmosphere which was breathing the spirit of transportation extending from the deep-rooted family of Al-Jabri.ABC Logistic is proud to be one of its branches and one of the few who are educated in its logistic academy. Initially, we started as Zafer Al-Jabri Transportation Establishment in early 2006 witch was founded by businessman Mr.Zafer Mushabab Al-Jabri.

This establishment represents the first seed of a tree bearing a deep-rooted name, proven its eligibility and worthiness in the market, and the success of this name is on every transporter's lips in the kingdom.this is the background of ABC Logistic, which came into being at the beginning of 2014 by Mr.Zafer Mushabab Al-Jabri, Mr.Ali Mushabab Al-Jabri and Mr. Mohammed Mushabab Al-Jabri.Althought this is a mere beginning, the endeavor is to creat a strong entity with high competitive capability in the market as compared with stronger transportation compaines in the kingdom, especially by further addition of the unique logistic services businesses.

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